Native American Relations in Texas

William T. Sherman to Ranald Mackenzie, May 28, 1871

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William T. Sherman to Ranald Mackenzie, May 1871

in Texas, and to surrender them for trial to the civil authorities.

We now hold Satanta, Satank and Big Tree, three as influen-
tial [sic] and as bad Indians as ever infested any Land, and if General
McKenzie comes here, or near here, General Grierson will turn these Indians
over to him to be taken back to Fort Richardson, and to be held safely
in the custody of the military authorities, till [sic] they can be tried and dis-
posed of by the civil Tribunal.

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

* * They must not be mobbed or Lynched
but tried regularly for murder and as many other crimes as the Attorney
can approve; but the military authorities should see that these prisoners never
escape alive, for they are the very impersonation of Murder, robbery,
arson, and all the capital crimes of the Statute Book.

In the confusion of this arrest, one (1) Indian was killed, and Sa-
tanta admitted the men of the Train killed three (3) of this party, wounded
three (3) others, and also, that he lost another man on his way back.
So, with this party we are more than even.

I have also required the Kiowas to bring in 41 good mules
to replace those taken by Satanta, but it is doubtful if they can
respond to this demand, and as soon as the arrest was made yesterday
the Indians at the Agency flushed like a flock of quails, and
at this moment, all are gone save the three prisoners who are in
safe custody.


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William T. Sherman to Ranald Mackenzie, May 28, 1871. Records of Edmund Jackson Davis, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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