Native American Relations in Texas

Mark Walker to Chauncy McKeever, May 14, 1867

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Mark Walker to Chauncy McKeever, May 1867

Headquarters, Post of
Arbuckle, C.N.
May 14th 1867

I have the honor to State that I have had
an interview with To-ho-ye-qua-ih or Horse
Back, of the Noconi band of Comanches (by
means of the Interpreter.) He has in his
possession a Captive White boy by the name of
"Babb," thirteen years of age, Captured Septr.
1866, in Texas. The child was Stolen by the young
men of Horse Backs tribe, and it has cost him
considerable to get the child from its captors.

He proposes to give up the child, but is anxious
to be renumerated for this trouble and expenses in
obtaining it. Horse Backs professions of friendship
are loud, and I believe him to be Sincere. I expla-
ined to him, that the Government expected that
he would live up to the treaty, and that it was

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Mark Walker to Chauncy McKeever, May 14, 1867. Texas Indian Papers Volume 4, #140, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Original in the Records in the Department of Interior, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received, Kiowa, 1867.

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