Native American Relations in Texas

Mark Walker to Chauncy McKeever, May 14, 1867

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Mark Walker to Chauncy McKeever, May 1867

Fort Arbuckle C.N.
May 14th 1867

Mark Walker
1st Lieut 19th Inff.
Comdg Post.

Reports his interview
with To-ho-ye-qua-ih, or
Horse Back, of the Noco-
ni band of Comanches,
concerning the giving
up a white boy, named
"Babb," captured Septbr,
1866, in Texas.


Headqrs. Mil: Dive: of the Mo.
St Louis Mo. June 19th, 1867

Respectfully referred to Majr;
Genl. W.S. Hancock, Comdg Dept. of
the Mo. for his action in the case.
By order of Lieut Genl. Sherman.

W.A. Nichols
Assist Adgt Genl

Hdqrs. Mil: Div. of the Mo,
Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Jun 25/67.

This paper happens to meet me
here, It is now about as good a
time as any for us to come to
an understanding and rather
than Submit to this practice
of paying for Stolen children.
It is better the Indian race
be obliterated. I now have
power to call out the volunteer
force of the frontier
, and the
Commanding officer of Fort
Arbuckle, may in his own way
convey notice to the tribe that
this boy must be Surrendered
or else war to the death will
be ordered.

There must be no ransom

(Signed) W.T. Sherman
Lieut. Genl. Comdg.


Headqrs. Dept of the Mo.,
Ft. Leavenworth, Kans. June 26th/67

Respectfully referred to the
Commanding officer, Dist.
of the Indian Territory,
inviting attention to the
endorsement of the Lieut
Commanding, who
will instruct the command-
ing officer
of Fort Arbuckle
to demand the Surrender
of the Boy from Horse
Tribe, and without

By command of Major
Genl. Hancock;
Signed C. McKeever
Asst Adgt General

A true Copy
C. McKeever
asst adgt genl

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Mark Walker to Chauncy McKeever, May 14, 1867. Texas Indian Papers Volume 4, #140, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Original in the Records in the Department of Interior, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received, Kiowa, 1867.

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