Native American Relations in Texas

John R. Baylor to Robert S. Neighbors, October 7, 1855

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John R. Baylor to Robert S. Neighbors, October 1855

the rest and killed all but two one of whom
was badly wounded and the other they could have
killed but they wanted him to carry the news of their
defeat back to the Comanches one they did not scalp
as he felt in a Water Hole and sunk. they brought
in the Bows, Lances, Shields, and tricks of the party
they told Jacob that they had met the Indians that killed
old Skidmore and had learned from them that there
were plenty of horses down here and that they were
on their way down to kill and steal and that a
large war party was coming down to kill John
Conner, Katumpsa, Lambshead, and all they could
find, they seemed to know all about the conditions
of the posts and our frontier and said that they
had joined the Sioux Indians against the Whites
in the North the Captain Commanding the party
was a Yamparika and had a black Cloth Coat
an undershirt and Dagaureotype [daguerreotype] with him
and on his shield was some twenty white Scalps
mostly white Womens hair I have his shield and Spear
the two Indians who killed Skidmore when on to the
San Saba and stole Seven Horses and came back
in their trail to the Caddo Peaks from there they
struck due North and went to the Main
Comanche Camp a party of twelve men followed
them and lost the trail they then came
on to the post, and then here to see Capt
Ross I have no doubt we will have the Devil
to pay and our frontier is in the greatest danger

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John R. Baylor to Robert S. Neighbors, October 7, 1855. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 3, #153, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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