Native American Relations in Texas

Letter to Hardin R. Runnels, May 24, 1859

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Letter on the Baylor affair, May 1859

Brazos Agency Texas

May 24 1859

To His Excelency

The Governor of the State of Texas


I herewith--report to you that Mr.

Jno R. Baylor appeared on this reserve yester-

day the 23 Inst with some three hundred

men drew them up in line of battle within

one half mile of the agency buildings the

Commanding officer of the U.S. Troops demand-

ed of him his business on this reserve with

an armed force to which he replied that

he was here for the purpose of attacking

certain bands of Indians now on this reserve

thereupon the Comd office warned him to

leave this reservation he replied that he would use

his own pleasure as to the time of his quitting

the reserve. and did not leave however until he had

killed a woman and one of the oldest men

on the reserve. The Indian Warriers became

exasperated at this foul murder, some fifty

of them mounted their horses and pursued

Baylor overtaking him about 2 miles

from the scene of murder and had a running

fight untill they reached the house of

Mr Wm Marlin near the limits of the

[letter is incomplete]

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Letter to Hardin R. Runnels, May 24, 1859. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 3, #219, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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