Native American Relations in Texas

George M. Brooke to Peter Hansborough Bell,
December 26, 1850

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George M. Brooke to Peter Hansborough Bell, December 1850

Head quarters 8th Mil'y Department
San Antonio, December 26th, 1850.

Enclosed you will receive a copy of Articles of Agreement,
entered into between John H. Rollins, Special Agent for the Indians of Texas
and the Comanches and other tribes located in this State. You will
perceive by my order that I have directed the different stipulations to
be carried into effect by the troops under my command with a hope,
that the citizens of the State may take a corresponding action.

This Treaty incomplete as it is being without instructions
from the General Goverment is yet of great importance, as it is ex-
pressive of friendship towards the whites and the strong desire of
the Indians for peace. This feeling should be taken advantage of
by the proper authorities, by holding a more general council in
which all difficulties can be explained, a proper understanding
come to and the future intentions of the President made known.

In any event however, no treaty can be conformed
to by the Indians, unless they receive annuities in subsistence and clothing.
Missions should be introduced, farmers, schoolteachers and blacksmiths
established, all of which is most desirable, evincing upon our
part the great interest we take in their welfare, with the proof
that we are sincere in our efforts to improve their condition

I have the Honor to be
Yr. Excllys Mo: obt. servt
Geo. M. Brooke
Bt. Major Genl. Comdg

To his Excy. P.H. Bell
Governor of Texas,

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George M. Brooke to Peter Hansborough Bell, December 26, 1850. Records of Peter Hansborough Bell, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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