Native American Relations in Texas

Edward Burleson, Jr. to John S. Ford, March 30, 1858

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Edward Burleson to John S. Ford, March 1858

Head Quarters Texas Rangers,
Camp Runnels
March 30th 1858.

I have the honor to report
the following operations; On the 25th Inst.
I started for Fort Belknap, on business con-
nected with my official duties, and passed
the night at the house of Mr. Dobbs on Clear
Fork. On the morning of the 26th. Inst. it
was discovered, that Mr. Dobb's horse had been
stolen. At an early hour I started for Camp at
a gallop, about 3 miles from Dobb's I saw an
Indian crossing the road just ahead of me I
charged him and fired at him with my revolver
but on discovering 6 or 8 others close by I left him,
and proceeded to encampment.

On my arrival I had the bugle sounded and
in five minutes sixty five men were in the saddle
and eager to advance against the enemy. I immediately
moved at a gallop. I detached Lieut. Pitts and
Tankersly with a detachment to make a recon-

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Edward Burleson, Jr. to John S. Ford, March 30, 1858. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 3, #174, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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