Native American Relations in Texas

Edward Burleson, Jr. to John S. Ford, March 30, 1858

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Edward Burleson to John S. Ford, March 1858

noisance between Camp and Fort Belknap
myself and Lieut Nelson with 40 men made
a forward movement and struck the trail very
soon. We followed it at half speed, and at
8 miles found a horse the Indians had killed,
and the indications induced us to believe they
were not more than one hour ahead --

At 30 miles we came to the house of Mr. Johnson,
were the Indians had recently inflicted two
arrow-wounds upon a young man. They had
also stolen horses, which were recoved by a
negro man, who had the courage to charge them
and recaptured his masters animals. He fired
at them and thinks he struck one. We were now
confident of finding the Indians, and started
upon the trail with eagerness.

Three men met us here, and informed us the
Indians had divided; and they insisted upon
placing us upon the right trail, where they had
passed but a few minutes before. We supposed
they had seen Indians, however, a ride of 16 miles
convinced us we were upon a trail 12 hours old
The well-meant officiousness of our friends

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Edward Burleson, Jr. to John S. Ford, March 30, 1858. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 3, #174, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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