Native American Relations in Texas

William S. Delaney to Francis R. Lubbock, December 16, 1860 [April 1862]

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William Delaney to Francis Lubbock, April 1862

Columbus Texas Dec 16th 1860 [April 1862]

To his Excellency Governor Lubbock

Governor The enclosed petition has
been handed to me with the request to transmit it
to your Excellency. I understand that another
of the same purport has also been forwarded.

I trust your Excellency will not consider their
petitions as an indication of an unwillingness
on the part of the people here to do their duty in
the present crisis. Such I think is certainly not
the case. As the commander of the State troops
of the county I have had a pretty good opportunity
to ascertain the disposition of the people: and I
can assure your Excellency that so far as I know
as citisen there is not a man in the county
whose loyalty is even questioned. But these petitions
express truly the condition of many of our people.

The county has sent all its men to the field who
could with any tolerable convenience leave home.
With a voting population of about a thousand.
about eleven hundred have gone. The poorer fam-
ilies have divided their clothes and bedding
with their friends in the Service until some of
them have scarcely enough remaining to keep them

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William S. Delaney to Francis R. Lubbock, December 16, 1860 [April 1862]. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 4, #37, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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