Native American Relations in Texas

John S. Ford to Hardin R. Runnels, June 3, 1858

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John S. Ford to Governor Runnels, June 1858


Camp Runnels,
June 3, 1858.

Accompanying I forward some suggestions in
regard to the frontier. I hope they will meet your ap-
proval. In my opinion the adoption of the course pointed
out is the true policy, and will place you high in popular
favor. It would be a signal refutation of the slanders of
your enemies. Besides it would effect the entire object for
which the Rangers were called out. The insufficiency of the
present force to do the same is obvious to all. In point
of economy the regiment is uncommended. It is econ-
omy of life on the frontier, it is economy of property
and in reality of money. An appropriation which
is not large enough to accomplish the object it is made for is a waste --
a frittering away of the public money to no purpose.
When viewed in the proper light, it is a profligate of
expenditure of the people's money.

I wish to call your attention to some estimates
given Mr Burleson by the Comptroller, which are
based upon the law of 1836. This is not in accordance
with the law passed by the Legislature, nor of the Rules
and Regulations of the U.S. Army, which are to
govern us. If we should pay regard to it our pay would
be reduced one-fifth. I shall direct Lieut. Burleson
to pay in accordance with law and disregard
anything else, because you have instructed me
accordingly. While on this subject I would remark
that I have been really performing the duty of a Major
with the rank and pay of a Captain. You know my
responsibilities have been very great almost fearful.
A failure on my part would have given your adminis-

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John S. Ford to Hardin R. Runnels, June 3, 1858. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 3, #184, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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