Native American Relations in Texas

Albert C. Horton to T.I. Fauntleroy, July 31, 1846

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Albert C. Horton to T.I. Fauntleroy, July 1846

Executive Department
Austin July 31, 1846

In compliance with the request contained in your
letter of the 28th inst, I have the honor herewith to transmit
to you a copy of the requisition made upon me by Colonel Harney
for five companies of mounted rangers for the protection of the

The position I have directed these companies
to occupy is as follows -- one, at or near Castroville, commanded
by Captain John H Conner, one at or near San Antonio, comman-
ded by John G Grumbles, one at or near Benjamin Bryants on
Little River, commanded by Shapley P Ross, one at or near
Torrey's trading house on the Brazos, commanded by
Thos I Smith, and one at or near the trading house on the
West Fork of the Trinity, commanded by Andrew Stapp --

Since the points of location (agreed) directed to be taken by these companies have
been occupied, I have understood that the distance between
the two commanded by Thos I Smith and Andrew Stapp, is much
greater than I had supposed, being upwards of one hundred miles.
It will be impossible therefore, for the communication to be
kept up between them, as promptly and rapidly as is desirable,
and I would suggest to you the importance of having an
additional company stationed midway between the two,
so as to make the line of posts complete. A company is
already organized and ready to take the position mentioned
under Cap't John N Bryan, of Dallas county, and I would
respectfully request that you would authorize me to
call them into service. Unless this is done a large
number of our frontier citizens, residing between
the points referrred to, will be left in a defenceless

I have already directed the Captains of the different
companies to communicate with each other, once in

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Albert C. Horton to T.I. Fauntleroy, July 31, 1846. Records of J. Pinckney Henderson, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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