Native American Relations in Texas

Albert C. Horton to William Selby Harney, June 27, 1846

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Albert C. Horton to W.S. Harney, June 1846

Executive Department
Austin June 27, 1846

Colonel W S Harney
Com'g at San Antonio

I am induced from having learned
that Captain Cody's Company is ordered to march to
San Antonio, has been learned at this place
and address you on the subject of its exposed
condition -- you no doubt have good reasons
to believe that an attack will be made on
the City of San Antonio, yet should you
permit me to advance an opinion, it
would be, that while a joint demonstration would prepare
you for an emergency at that point, the blow
might be effectually struck against Austin; being
situated immediately on the frontier at the foot of the mountains
any number of light troops could approach
it through the defiles without ever being observed --

The loss of the Archives
would of course be irrepairable, and ruinous to
the State, and to insure their protection
(an additional requistion for "one regiment
of mounted men, and a battalion of foot rifle
or Infantry" being made by the Hon Secretary of War), I respectfully request that
you make a requisition for one company
of rangers to be stationed at, and for the
protection of this place -- Should you
concur with me, the view can be
immediately raised -- please answer and
designate some officer to muster them into
service, I think it should be done without

Vry Rs Your Obt Svt
A.C. Horton

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Albert C. Horton to William Selby Harney, June 27, 1846. Records of J. Pinckney Henderson, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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