Native American Relations in Texas

Albert C. Horton to W.L. Marcy, August 8, 1846

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Albert C. Horton to W.L. Marcy, August 1846

Executive Department
Austin, August 8th, 1846

From the enclosed correspondence, to which I beg leave to call
your attention, you will perceive that on the 26th June last, a
requisition was made upon me by Col. Harney, for five companies
of mounted rangers, for the protection of the frontier of this State.
The call was promptly responded to -- the citizens of the frontier counties,
though poor, and busily engaged in attending to their crops, turned
out with alacrity, and cheerfully met all the trouble and ex-
pense, necessary to be encountered, in order to fill the requisition.
The companies were, in all respects, complete, and only waiting
for an officer of the U.S. Army, to muster them into the service of
the Government, (one having been already deputed for that pur-
pose) when, to my astonishment, I received a letter from Major
Fauntleroy, the commanding officer of this frontier, under date
of July 29th, informing me that they would not be required.

I immediately addressed to him a letter, dated Augst. 1st/46 ( a
copy of which you will find enclosed) expressing my surprize
and regret at this information, and urging him, for the reasons
therein stated, that he would withdraw the order, and permit
the volunteers to be mustered in. That letter was sent by express,
and in reply to it, I have only received a verbal communi-
cation -- Major Fauntleroy being so ill, that he could not
write. The purport of the verbal communication is, that he is
of opinion that he cannot, consistently with the orders lately
received by him from Genl. Taylor, muster these companies
into the service; which he very much regrets, but suggests the
propriety of my writing to you upon the subject, and in the

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Albert C. Horton to W.L. Marcy, August 8, 1846. Records of J. Pinckney Henderson, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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