Native American Relations in Texas

Petition from the Citizens of Limestone County to Governor Peter H. Bell, December 25, 1849

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Limestone County Petition, December 1849

Springfield Texas Dec 25th 1849

To his Excellency P.H. Bell Governor of the State of Texas

Your petitioners the undersigned Citizens of
Limestone County would respectfully represent to
your Excellency. That at present and for a long time
past this and the adjoining counties (and particular-
ly upon the Navasota) have been infested by parties
of Indians principally belonging to the Caddo, Ioni
Anadarko and Delaware tribes. Who have as we
believe intruded themselves into our Settlements
without any authority whatever freequent and greev-
ious Complaints are made by our Citizens against
said Indians on account of their steeling our
horses Killing our Cattle and hogs burning the praries
woods and etc. To the end therefore that we may be secure
in the possession of our property and that peace
and tranquillity may agan be restored to our settle-
ments. We petition Your excellency to Make an
order Authorizing and requiring the officers at
Ft. Graham and Ft. Worth to cause said Indians to
be immediately remooved above the line of said Forts
and to prevent any further encroachments by them in to
our settlements and as in duty bound your petitioners
will ever pray and etc

Pet Names

Pet Names

J.O. Lynch

Sam Moore

John T. Bennett

B.D. McKie

Riley H. Roland

L.C. Pleasants

H.C. Walker

D.H. McGary

A.F. Moss

John Cox

Thomas Townes



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Petition from the Citizens of Limestone County to Governor Peter H. Bell, December 25, 1849. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 3, #86, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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