Native American Relations in Texas

Oliver Loving to Francis R. Lubbock, 1862

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Oliver Loving to Francis Lubbock, 1862

Gov F.R. Lubbock

Dr Sir I am an old
frontiers man, and have time and
again taken a hand in the pursuit of
Indians depredating on the frontier
For the last year I have been absent
trading to Pikes Peak with cattle and
passing to that country I ascertained that
the general rendezvous of the Indians
who depredate upon the frontier of Texas
is upon the Arkansas River say 350
or 400 miles from here, As I returned
home some two months since I saw
a large number of Comanches with
some four or five thousand horses
that have been stolen from Texas
These Indians are fed by the
U.S. Posts at Fort Adams on the
Arkansas and Fort Bent, and the
Indians are paid by the U.S. Troops
occupying these parts for all the
scalps taken from Texas. They are
perfectly friendly with the U.S. Troops
an in fact with all except Texans
I am satisfied that we will not have
any rest from these Indians
until we go to their general rendez-
vous and destroy them, I am
satisfied that with a few comp-
anies of men great good can
be done by an expedition against

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Oliver Loving to Francis R. Lubbock, 1862. Records of Francis Richard Lubbock, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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