Native American Relations in Texas

Oliver Loving to Francis R. Lubbock, 1862

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Oliver Loving to Francis Lubbock, 1862

them. I had a talk with Col Norris
of the Texas Frontier Regiment
a few days since. I want his coop-
eration in the expedition,

Now I propose this to raise say three
or four companies of men for the
expedition to act in conjunction
with Col Norris or under his command
if that be more desirable in an expe-
dition, I propose not only to break
up and destroy this encampment
of Indians, but I propose also to
take the U.S. Posts in the neighborhood
of these Indians; a thing that can
be easily done, because the troops
stationed at the posts have been ordered
off to the assistance of the Federal
troops in New Mexico, besides there
is a large amount of military
stores and property of various
kinds at these Posts which we
could take and destroy.

Now I am aware that the present
contests with the Yankee foe over-
shadows every thing else, but this
is a matter that concerns peculi-
arly the people of the Texas frontier
I propose that these men that I
shall raise shall go into the Confederate
as States Service as you may

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Oliver Loving to Francis R. Lubbock, 1862. Records of Francis Richard Lubbock, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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