Native American Relations in Texas

Oliver Loving to Francis R. Lubbock, 1862

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Oliver Loving to Francis Lubbock, 1862

desire, and I propose that they
will go without a dollars pay
from the Government if matters
are so that they cannot be paid
by the Government, and the reason
I ask your interposition in the
matter at all is because it is
almost impossible to control
men in such an expedition
without their being governed
by State or Confederate author-
ity. I only want the matter
so fixed that the expedition can
be governed and controlled
Now I do not know that this
matter is in your power, if it
is in any way so that I can
organise the expedition under
the management of Col Norris if
it be necessary I would be satisfied.

I am perfectly confident
of the success of the enterprise
if the assistance of the government
can be obtained. I could also
with the expedition go to Denver
City the capitol of Pikes Peak
and release some sixty or seventy
prisoners now in jail there on
account of their Southern prin-
ciples and in my judgement

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Oliver Loving to Francis R. Lubbock, 1862. Records of Francis Richard Lubbock, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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