Native American Relations in Texas

Hardin R. Runnels to James Barclay, July 7, 1858

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Hardin R. Runnels to James Barclay, July 1858

Executive Office
Austin July 7th 1858

I have just met with Maj. R.S. Neighbors Supervising
Agent Texas Indians, and consulted with him freely in
regard to the Coushatta Indians, and the propriety of their
removal to the Indian Reserves on the frontier, he gives
me the most satisfactory assurance that the Reserves
are the best possible places for their location, as it respects
the welfare of the Indians themselves, he authorizes me
to offer every assurance for the protection of the individ-
ual rights of the tribe, that every necessary guaranty
for life and property will be maintained, and gives
it as his opinion that so far from any apprehension
of unfriendliness being well founded from those al-
ready there, if a deputation should conclude to visit
the Reserves before removal, they will be met with
joy and satisfaction, by their kindred brethren of
the border.

He assures me furthermore, that the Goverment
has an abundance of land, of good quality for their
permanent settlement without charge, and free from all
price to the Indians, which will be assigned them on ob-
taining their consent to emigrate to it; you will also
inform them that when settled there, their support will
be provided by the General Government without expense
to the Indians, each and every one of them being enti-
tled to his regular allowance, the same as those al-
ready settled on the Reserves; You will say to the Chiefs
in my name, as Chief Executive Officer of this State,
that I earnestly recommend them not to permit so favor-
able an opportunity to pass, for securing the permanent
welfare and good of their people; That their Great Father
(the President of the United States) out of his goodness
and his love for them, has established these Asylums

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Hardin R. Runnels to James Barclay, July 7, 1858. Records of Hardin Richard Runnels, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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