Native American Relations in Texas

Hardin R. Runnels to James Barclay, July 7, 1858

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Hardin R. Runnels to James Barclay, July 1858

for the Indian, to which he can now go with every
assurance, which the great arm of his Government
can afford, as securing him peace and protection, in
pursuit of all the arts of civilization and industry;
If accepted by the Indians it cannot fail to result
in the elevation and improvement of the race, the
sad history of which is briefly told; in that decline
tending but too fast to obliteration from the face of
the earth.

That if they would ameliorate their condition, and
aspire to a better destiny, they should not hesitate
when an opportunity is offered, to visit that land to
them of hope and promise, when and where they
may be the better judges, of the truth of what I have
been able so imperfectly to present to them.

You will correspond with Maj. Neighbors, and
apprise him of the time of the proposed visit, that he
may be present, should the consent of the Indians
be obtained.

In hope of hearing from you after the
receipt of this

I am Sir
Very Respectfully
H R Runnels

To James Barclay Esq
Agent Coushatta Indians
Livingston -- Polk Co

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Hardin R. Runnels to James Barclay, July 7, 1858. Records of Hardin Richard Runnels, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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