Native American Relations in Texas

Texan Settlers Pursuing the Indians, April 13, 1861

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Texan Settlers Pursuing the Indians, 1861

This illustration from the New York Illustrated News includes the following caption:

"The troubles between the settlers and the Indians in Texas continue with unabated virulence. Our sketch represents the former pursuing the latter, after they had made a series of murderous onslaughts upon the settlers in the interior. A correspondent, writing from Roma, says: So as heard from, fifteen Mexicans and one American have been killed by the Indians, besides several Mexican boys and women captured. Several parties are in pursuit, and we are beginning to receive good reports from them. A wounded man came to Mier yesterday, and reported that Jesus Garcia Ramirez and a party from Laredo, under command of Benavides, numbering in all about sixty men, attacked a party of the Indians while they were resting at a place called the Salado, and killed four of them, taking two Mexican captive boys, and all the horses, with the exception of a few."

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Prints and Photographs Collection, Texas State Library and Archives Commission. #1/125-30.

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