Native American Relations in Texas

A Texan Ranger, circa 1860s

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A Texan Ranger

This vintage newspaper illustration includes the following caption:

"We publish above a sketch, by one of our most reliable artists, of a TEXAN RANGER. A gentleman, just from Richmond, gave the following account of these redoubtable warriors:

"Ben McCullough's Texan Rangers are described as a desperate set of fellows. They number one thousand half savages, each of whom is mounted upon a mustang horse. Each is armed with a pair of Colt's navy revolvers, a rifle, a tomahawk, a Texan bowie-knife, and a lasso. They are described as being very dexterous in the use of the latter. These men are to be pitted against Wilson's Zouaves and McMullin's Rangers."

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Prints and Photographs Collection, Texas State Library and Archives Commission. #1/125-32.

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