Native American Relations in Texas

W.H. Whaley to James W. Throckmorton, September 29, 1866

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W.H. Whaley to James W. Throckmorton, September 1866

Gainesville Cooke Country Texas

September 29th 1866

Gen. James W. Throckmorton
Gov of the State of Texas

Dear Sir
It is with feelings of the deepest anxiety that I address you on the
present importent chrisis, the most importent that ever our county has
undergone since its organiseation. We feel truly that we are in
the most chritical situation that we have ever been
since Cook County was organised: of late we have been
raded upon by large bands of Indians and White men togather
whose depradations have been of the most horrid character and they
still threaten us almost daily, in so much, that nearly all the
people have left the upper part of the country and Gainesville
might now be called an extreme out post, On last monday
the Indians and white men raders came in 6 or 7 miles of our town
killed and scalped two men and carried off some 5 or 6 hundred
head of horses, besides doing much other mischief, such as cutting
down wagons killed work cattle and stock of every kind and runing
men for their lives all over the prairie, the portion of
country lying on Clare Creek and Mountain Creek has hard-
ly been cleare of the them for the last 10 or 15 days; no one knows
what the frontier people have suffered this season but those who
have lived on it. and no one can feel for them and cypathise [sympathize] with
there properly but those who have a just knowledge of their
sufferings. Of late they come in such large bands that having
no organised force, it is imposable to gather up enough citizens
to handle them till they have done their mischief and gone Yo [you]
have no idea Gen. of the offul state of excitement

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W.H. Whaley to James W. Throckmorton, September 29, 1866. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 4, #81, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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