Native American Relations in Texas

W.H. Whaley to James W. Throckmorton,
September 29, 1866

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W.H. Whaley to James W. Throckmorton, September 1866

now exesting in our county, nearly every settlement west and N west
of us is broken up, and the citizens who have not gone entirely
off are now in-camp round our town, not knowing what to
do our county is almost ruined It will not recover from
this shock. I greatly fear in years, and what a pity that such
a county as Cook should be so necesitated to retrigrade instead
of advance in civailization and improvement. The very oldest
of frontier setlers men who have stood the shock of Indian exskir-
sions for 25 years now have left their extreem frontier homes and
are now incamped a round our town, not being able to withstand
the tromendeous rades that are now being made against us, The
raders are as well armed as we are, each man bareing from one
to two sixshooters besids guns and they fight eaqual to any whites troops
Of late our scouts have had several engagements with them, the
raiders invariably getting the best of it. They generally outnumber our
men 2 or 3 to one, and they cannot handle them that way for it
takes man to man, Amongue these last raiders white men were
seen distincly a monkst them as they pursued horses, and they were
herd to speak plain English. We learned here yesterday
that the fronteer bill had passed, after much debate and delay
over it, in the Senate, we are informed that senator Bumpuss
from Collin County done his utmost againts it, this would be some-
what excuseable in a senator from the deepest interior of the state, but
for a man from a cister county to our own and almost a
frontier itself he is in no wise excusable I almost deem him
an enemy to the white race. It is no time now to estimate indebted-
ness that might accrue, when the safety of our homes and our
property are at stake, our livs dael in jeopordy our women
and our childrin being carried off into captivity worse than death

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W.H. Whaley to James W. Throckmorton, September 29, 1866. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 4, #81, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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