Native American Relations in Texas

W.H. Whaley to James W. Throckmorton,
September 29, 1866

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W.H. Whaley to James W. Throckmorton, September 1866

We know Gen. that you are doing and have been doing all you can
for us, but before you can give us relief If we lay still our county
will be depopilated, we are trying now to organise companies for
our protection till the state can come to our relief, do hasten it
Gen. Before we are entirely ruined. It is generally believed that
Gainsville will be the next point of attack, and you are aware
how hard it is to organise troops without state or national
authority. Influential and welthy citizens express backwardness in this
matter and poor young men who have not interest here do not
feel inclined to defend men and their property who will not def-
end themselvs, therefore we would ernestly solicit you to hasten
us state protection before we are entirely broken up and ruined.

I now wish to bring before you, and to your immediate consider-
ation facts poten[t] with meaning to us as a people, and
for confermation of which you can find ample testim-
ony, Robert Wolsey, a respectable citizen of our county
has just reached home from Fort Arbuckle, while there the
Comanche Cheif reached home for a visit to the camps of Those
Indians who are now depredating upon us, they are camped
some 3 or 4 hundred miles N.W. of Arbuckle on the Arkan-
sas River, he says that the stock they have round them
is immence stolen from this frontier, they have a depot
of trade established with Kansas, they furnish them
with arms and amunition etc getting their stock
for little or nothing and still no doubt incouraging them
to depradate upon us. Could not this thing be broken
up by the President of the U.S. can you not bring
these matters before him immediately for unless
this trafic is broken up with Kansas we will always

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W.H. Whaley to James W. Throckmorton, September 29, 1866. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 4, #81, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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