Native American Relations in Texas


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- Plácido, A Tonkawa Chief

Indian Nations of Texas

Spanish and Mexican Indian Policy
- Buffalo Hunt, Drawn by Captain Seth Eastman, U.S.A.
- Census of the Mission of San Jose, 1790
- Corrrespondence with the Viceroy of New Spain, 1791-92
- Spanish correspondence on American incursions, 1815
- Stephen F. Austin on Comanche and Tawakoni depredations, 1826
- Land claims of the Cherokees, 1831

Indians and the Texas Revolution
- Chief Bowl of the Cherokees
- President David G. Burnet on Indian neutrality, 1836
- Big Mush defends the Cherokees on charges of treason, 1836
- Chief Bowl calls on Sam Houston for help, 1836
- Sam Houston asks for U.S. help to prevent Indian uprising, 1836
- Sam Houston authorizes Shawnee rangers, 1836

"The Raven"
- Sam Houston
- Sam Houston's inaugural address, 1836
- Washington Secrest on Caddo depredations, 1837
- Chief Bowl tries to negotiate peace with the Comanches, 1837
- Thomas J. Rusk warns Chief Bowl to keep the peace, 1838
- Hugh McLeod on the fighting in East Texas, 1838

Indian Depredations
- Burning the Soles of Matilda Lockhart's Feet
- Scalping of Josiah Wilbarger
- Joseph Lee Coming to the Rescue of Judge Jaynes' Family
- He Carved His Name Upon a Tree for a Tombstone and then Expired
- A Comanche Warrior Dragging to Death Mrs. Plummer's Child
- We Are White Children

Foreign Influences
- Old Stone Fort in Nacogdoches
- Report on Indian Aggression on the Frontier, 1837
- Frontier Activities of Henry W. Karnes, 1838
- Vincente Córdova to Manuel Flores, 1838
- Anson Jones on a Mexican conspiracy against Texas, 1838

Expulsion of the Cherokees
- Mirabeau B. Lamar message to Congress, 1838
- Mirabeau B. Lamar denounces Cherokee treachery, 1839
- Mirabeau B. Lamar orders the Cherokee removal, 1839
- Kelsey Douglass on the fight with the Cherokees, 1839
- Relocation of the Alabamas and Coushattas, 1840

The Comanche War
- Comanche Indian group
- Henry W. Karnes recommends a commission to treat with the Comanches, 1840
- Hugh McLeod describes the Council House fight, 1840
- Felix Huston describes the Battle of Plum Creek, 1840
- Newspaper account of the Battle of Plum Creek, 1840
- Newspaper account of Comanche defeat at the Red River, 1840

Treaty Negotiations
- Caddo Indian celebrities
- Muskogee Indians send advice to the Caddos, 1842
- Tehuacana Creek council, 1843
- Thomas G. Western on peace with the Indians, 1844
- Sam Houston meets with the Comanches, 1844
- Thomas G. Western on negotiations, 1845

- General Austin's map of Texas, 1840
- Thomas G. Western on the Torrey and Brothers trading post, 1845
- Thomas G. Western on the need for fairness in trade, 1845
- Thomas G. Western on illegal trading, 1845
- Invoice for Trading House #1, 1845
- Description of a trading house on the Trinity River, 1845

The Army and Frontier Defense
- Treaty of Peace by John O. Meusbach and the Comanches, 1847
- J. Pinckney Henderson on German immigration, 1846
- Albert C. Horton on frontier defense during the Mexican War, 1846
- Albert C. Horton on ranger companies, 1846
- Albert C. Horton on the need for the federal government to help pay for defense, 1846
- Petition for frontier defense from Limestone County, 1849

Reservations in Texas
- Alabama-Coushatta chiefs, 1936
- George M. Brooke on federal Indian treaties, 1850
- Neighbors-Marcy report on prospective reservation lands, 1854
- Robert M. Neighbors on Indian reservations, 1854
- John R. Baylor on an Indian fight, 1855
- Hardin R. Runnels on the Alabama-Coushatta reservation, 1858

"Necessity Knows No Law"
- A Texas Ranger, circa 1860s
- Edward Burleson, Jr. on a mission against raiding Indians, 1858
- John S. "Rip" Ford on the on-going conflict, 1858
- Proclamation of Governor Runnels calling for calm, 1859
- Report on the raid of John R. Baylor, 1859
- Hardin R. Runnels on a peace commission, 1859

Frontier Defense in the Civil War
- Texas Settlers pursuing the Indians, 1861
- William S. Delaney on the effects of the draft on frontier defense, 1862
- Oliver Loving offers to raise several companies of men, 1862
- Letter from Kickapoo agency inquiring into Dove Creek massacre, 1866
- W.H. Whaley on the collapse of frontier defense, 1866
- Reading Wood Black offers to negotiate with the Kickapoos, 1867

The Salt Creek Massacre
- Big Tree and Satanta
- Buffalo Hunt in Taylor County, 1874
- Letter on attempts to recover white captives, 1867
- List of killed and wounded in Parker County, 1867
- William T. Sherman on the arrest of Satanta, 1871
- Quaker agent James Haworth on peace-keeping efforts, 1873

The Battle of Adobe Walls
- Quanah Parker
- Site of Adobe Walls battle, 1957
- Letter offering to raise a company of rangers, 1874
- Letter volunteering services as Indian fighter, 1874
- Richard Coke on the on-going conflict, 1874
- Pearson's magazine article on the battle, 1908

The Red River War
- Women at Fort Sill, 1899
- Letter reporting a decrease in depredations in San Saba County, 1875
- Account of a fight in Uvalde, 1875
- Law prohibiting Indian migration into Texas, 1875-76
- Carl Schurz inquires into the well-being of an Indian prisoner, 1878
- Annual Report of the Department of Texas, 1878

- J.C. Carr, Indian depredation agent, 1904

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