Native American Relations in Texas

Minutes of Council at the Falls of the Brazos,
October 7, 1844

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Minutes of Council at the Falls of the Brazos,  October 1844

country. Now this has to be mended, war can do us no good.
It may kill white men: it may kill red men: it will
cause trouble to women and children, and can bring no hap-
piness to them. If war can do us no good stealing can do
us no good. If our red brothers want to steal there are more
horses on the Rio Grande than in Texas, and they have been
accustomed to take them from there. If stealing horses in
Texas is not stopped, it must make war between the white
people and the red people; and between the red people them-
selves. good men don't want their property taken, and I
don't want war. Some Wacos who would not listen to
the Treaty and the voice of Acaquash have stolen horses.
they must bring back those horses and steal no more. I
intend to make Acaquash the Chief of that nation, because
he is a good man and walks straight, and puts aside his men
when they do bad. I do this because he remembers
his Treaties and walks straight, if the other chief will
learn to do this and walk straight, I will then hear his
words. a few bad men can do much mischief. I know
where the Ionis, the Keechis, the Caddos, the Anadarkos, and other
indians make their corn, and my young men can go there, and
eat with them and all be happy, but if bad men will steal
horses from my people, they will do much mischief, and bring
evil down upon these, my good red brothers. These bad men must
be put down so that your people can make their corn in peace.
To those people that make corn I want to give hoes and axes
to make their corn with for their women and children, and not
to have them, by the conduct of bad warriors, to be scared, and
cause them to leave their homes and be running to the woods
for shelter. I want the Lipans and all the other indians
to become friendly, as brothers, and to bury the tomahawk. I
want them to put it under their feet. The Comanches and
Lipans have made peace, and I want them to keep it fast.
I want the chiefs who have made peace with them to keep
it in confidence. I have sent two Lipans, runners, to
their tribe, for them to come in to this council, with their
prisoners. if they do not get here in time to give them up

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Minutes of Council at the Falls of the Brazos, October 7, 1844. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 2, #75, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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