Native American Relations in Texas

Minutes of Council at the Falls of the Brazos,
October 7, 1844

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Minutes of Council at the Falls of the Brazos,  October 1844

I will see when they do come in that they are then given up.
We are now here making a great peace to last forever, and
we wish the Great Spirit to hear what we say.

We have six prisoners, and when the chiefs go home, they
shall take one with them: the rest shall be left at the Tra-
ding House, and when our people are brought in, we will
then give them up. We want no ransom. When we make
peace we do it for our nation. We are people from the
Red River to the Rio Grande, and I want my red brothers
to know, for them to keep at peace. I live below here; if
harm is done to my people this side of the Rio Grande or
Red River it wounds my heart, and if my people injure
the red people it wounds my heart also, and I shall
punish them. When my Comanche brethren and the
Comanches all are satisfied they are not to be deceived and
killed, they shall be invited down to Galveston to see the
ships and the big guns and the wide waters where the ships go
out from the sight of land. Say to the Chiefs that it has
rained much below and on account of the high waters we
have not many presents. We have some here now, at another
time we will give them many more.

I shall expect my Comanche brother, after we have
embraced, parted, and he has gone home, to see to the sending in
the horses that have been stolen: I learn he says it shall
be done. He is a powerful chief and I look for him to attend
to it. I know he is an honest man. When many good
strong and honest men stand up together, bad men run like
wolves; and if bad men will steal horses they must be stop-
ped and the horses must be taken from them and given to their
owners and if they cannot be stopped, good man must put them
down; they ought to be slain.

Near three years ago I sent my Chiefs to the Co-
manche to counsel and talk, on the frontier. I sent Conner
and Shaw and Col Williams to bring them in. The Coman-
ches did not come because they had once been deceived,
they have now come here and can see Acaquash and the
other chiefs, Luis Sanchez, the Keechi Chief, the old woman

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Minutes of Council at the Falls of the Brazos, October 7, 1844. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 2, #75, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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