Native American Relations in Texas

Kelsey Douglass to Albert Sidney Johnston, July 17, 1839

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Kelsey Douglass to Albert Sidney Johnston, July  1839

sides for some time—
Rusk and Burleson maintaining their
respective positions with their usual
spirit and coolness—Genl B occupying the
right and Genl Rusk the left. The second Batallion
of Rusk’s regiment under the command of
Lieut Cd Ja Smith speedily reinforced the
left wing and behaved handsomely[.] [T]he right
under Burleson was in like manner
sustained by the attachment from his Command
under Lieut Col Woodriff when the enemy
were charged and driven from their strong
hold abandoning the whole ground —and
retreating into a dense thicket and Swamp
in the Neches bottom, which was charged by the
whole force. The enemy having made no
stand[,] the force was called off & formed
upon the high land. The force of the
enemy must have consisted of about five
hundred, their line extending at one time a
mile. The engagement lasted an hour and
a half and closed in the Neches bottom at
the crossing to the Great Saline on the Sabine
river the property they occupied. The loss [?] of the enemy must have been
considerable ______ [?] killed and wounded—
signs of blood traces were discovered on every part of—
amongst the slain Cdr Bowl their arch [?]
chief. Our loss consists of two killed and
twenty seven wounded, three mortally—Five
killed and twelve wounded of Burleson’s Comd
four mortally wounded and twelve otherwise
of Rusk’s comd those supposed to be mortally
wounded are Maj. H.W. [?] Augustine[,] Jno Thompson
of Capt H.M. Smith's co. & Jno ______ [?] of
[illegible line]
reports of the respective surgeons of the killed
and wounded. The Brig Genl in closing this report
cannot speak in two [too] high terms of the bravery and
determination of officers & men in an action
so vigorously conducted over effective force numbering


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Kelsey Douglass to Albert Sidney Johnston, July 17, 1839. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #1373, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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