Native American Relations in Texas

Mirabeau B. Lamar to David G. Burnet and others,
June 27, 1839

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Mirabeau B. Lamar to David G. Burnet and others, June 1839

the residue to be paid in goods, which is understood the merchants
of Nacogdoches and San Augustine will advance at fair prices
on the Credit of the Government. Previous however to making any
stipulations to this effect with the Cherokees, you will have a distinct
understanding with the Merchants, that they will receive from them
in payment for goods such scrip or Orders as you may issue to them, and that
they will supply a Sufficient quantity of goods at fair prices, to redeem all
the Scrip or Orders which you may thus issue.

If you find that it will
be acceptable to the Indians to receive the whole amount of the Compensation agreed
to be given them for their improvements and Other property, in goods, you
will adopt that as the preferable mode of making payment,
but if they express a decided wish to receive a part in cash, you will stipulate
to pay them One fourth of the Amount in money, provided it does not exceed
Twenty five thousand dollars, but in no event will you agree to pay a larger
sum than 25,000$ in cash, nor will you pay them any money or issue to
them any Scrip for goods until the property agreed to be paid for has been
delivered to such persons as may be appointed by the Secretary of War to
receive and take charge of it. You will also have it understood that
after they have received their Scrip, only a limited time (Which you will designate)
will be allowed for its Negotiation, immediately after the expiration of which
they will commence their journey of removal beyond the Red River.

In your Communication with these Indians, you will endeavour
to convince them by all proper arguments of the friendly disposition of this
Government towards them, and of its desire to make such arrangements

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Mirabeau B. Lamar to David G. Burnet and others, June 27, 1839. Texas Indian Papers Volume 1, #36, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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