Native American Relations in Texas

Mirabeau B. Lamar to David G. Burnet and others,
June 27, 1839

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Mirabeau B. Lamar to David G. Burnet and others, June 1839

as will be entirely just and Satisfactory to them.

But will at the same time assure them that under no circum-
stances can they be permitted to remain in the Country longer than will
be required to make the necessary preparations for their removal. That
this Course has been adopted towards them, because I am satisfied that it is
Essential not only to the peace and prosperity of our own citizens, but to their
Safety and Existence as a people; and that unless they Consent at once to receive
a fair Compensation for their improvements and other property, and remove out
of this Country, nothing short of the entire distruction of all they possess, and
the extermination of their Tribe will appease the indignation of the white
people against them.

If you meet, or can have Communication with the Kickapoo
tribe of Indians you will make known to them also, the necessity of their
immediate removal out of the country, and you will take such steps as
you may find necessary to get them beyond our limits without delay.

As regards the Delawares, Shawnees, and such other tribes as have
manifested a peaceful and friendly disposition, you will permit them to
remain in the country for the present, upon their giving assurances of their
good conduct while they do remain, but you will be careful to impress
it upon them, that any evidence of hostility on their part will cause their
immediate punishment and expulsion.

But in giving them permission to remain for the present you will be careful to excite no hopes
on their part, of eventually being allowed to identify themselves with the
Country, or to claim any right in the Soil. The terms of their Continuance
are, that they shall not be disturbed provided they Conduct themselves
properly until such time as Congress or the Government may make such
arrangements in respect to their future disposition as will be Satisfactory

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Mirabeau B. Lamar to David G. Burnet and others, June 27, 1839. Texas Indian Papers Volume 1, #36, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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