Native American Relations in Texas

Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek,
March 28, 1843

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Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek, March 1843

the forest naturally fight, and war upon one another; but the
human family are not made with tusks and claws to tear and
devour each other.

The Great Spirit, as our fathers have taught us, has given us
a book; in that book he says, it is good and pleasant for brothers
to live together in peace and friendship; for this purpose we wish
to remove all the brush from the path between us, and make
the road we travel clean and white.

The President of Texas has heard that our brothers, the red
men, want to make peace with us: for this purpose he has sent
us, his Commissioners to meet you. We have been a very long time in
getting together. The weather has been very bad, and the waters
very high. But now that we have met, the Sun that represents
the Great Spirit, smiles upon us; so it is with our countenances;
when we look upon each other, all appears bright and cheerful.
You have heard the talk of our President read to you. He
is the friend of the red man; he always has been their friend;
he does not talk to them with a forked tongue. He tells you to
listen to the words of this Commissioners. We will not deceive you,
or give you a crooked Talk.

We know that the red men have sometimes been badly
treated by the people of Texas, and we know too that our peo-
ple have sometimes been badly treated by the red man. But we
call the Great Spirit to witness that we want peace with our
red brothers -- and we invoke his displeasure and his wrath
if we tell you a lie. Our purpose is to bury the tomahawk
forever with our red brethren. We want to make a peace as
firm as the ground on which we stand; one that will last
between our people as long as the sun rises in the East and
sets in the West.

We do not seek this peace because Texas is afraid of
war. The people of Texas have never been afraid of war; but
it is because we believe that peace is better than war for our-
selves, our women, and our children; we believe it is better for

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Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek, March 28, 1843. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 1, #122, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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