Native American Relations in Texas

Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek,
March 28, 1843

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Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek, March 1843

our red brothers also. The war between us has lasted a long time.
I would ask our red brothers whether in all this time, they have
made anything by this war? I would ask them to reflect if
they have not lost a warrior for every horse they have taken
from our people? We think the life of one good man is worth
more than all the horses in Texas.

Before the war commenced with us the red men had good
homes. They could stay at home and plant their corn and cult-
ivate their fields in peace; they could pursue the buffalo over
the prairie without the fear of molestation. Now they are driven
from their habitations; they are forced to wander with their women
and children, over the prairies like beasts of the forest in Search
of food; when they go out to war, their wives, their mothers, and
their sisters are under alarm and apprehension all the time, lest
they should have to mourn the loss of husbands, fathers, and brothers.
If they make peace with us they may have their homes, and live
with us as before. They may build their wigwams, and their
women and children cultivate their corn in peace and safety.
They will no longer be under constant dread that they will
have to leave their homes and fly to the woods for safety; nor
when their young men go out will they be under apprehension
that they will mourn their loss. They can build houses and
live at home contented and happy.

We know that we have had bad men among us; our
red brothers have had bad men amongst them also. We must
make peace on such terms that these bad men, when they
do wrong, and would make trouble between us, must be
punished, but we must not go to war. If a red man does
mischief in our Country, the President will inform the Chiefs of
his nation of it before going to war; if a white man does in-
ury to a red man, his Chiefs must inform the President, and
he will punish him; but they must not go to war.

We will give our red brothers a country to live in
in Texas. We have a great abundance of buffalo and other

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Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek, March 28, 1843. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 1, #122, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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