Native American Relations in Texas

Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek,
March 28, 1843

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Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek, March 1843

wild game to feed the red men who come to live in Texas. But the
red men ought to recollect that the game in the woods and the prai-
ries will not last always. For this reason they ought to settle them-
selves, make them farms and raise something to live when
the game is all gone. We will establish trading houses in their
country to sell to the Indians all the goods they may need. Our
traders will buy from them all their horses, mules, skins and
other things they may want to sell. We will also send Agents to
live amongst them, who will always send the talks of the red man
to the President, and carry back his talk to them. He will see
that Justice is done to the Indians by all white people, and that
none shall intrude upon them.

The President has sent across the great waters for three hun-
dred fine lances to present to the chiefs and big warriors amongst
the red men; they will be here in seven moons, when he will send
them to your country, or send for you to come and receive them.
The President wants the Chiefs and head men of all the tribes
that are here to go with us to Washington to see him. When they
get there he will make them some handsome presents. Once in
every year he will meet them, or send men to them and make presents. When
he finds that they will keep the peace between us, he will give
them powder and lead to kill game. But as we don't want
to deceive our red brothers we must tell them that Texas is
very poor. We cannot do much for them at present; but we
will be able to do more and more every year. Texas is now
like a child; it has to crawl, but will grow up by and
bye to be a man. We will then protect and take care of
our red brothers. We have now a great deal of the best
land in the world; we will give our red brothers as much
of that as they need. We have also a great abundance
of buffalo, deer and bear and our red brothers can come
amongst us and hunt them in peace and safety.

Our great Father of the United States wants the
red man to be at peace with Texas. He has sent one

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Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek, March 28, 1843. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 1, #122, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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