Native American Relations in Texas

Thomas G. Western to Benjamin Sloat, April 2, 1845

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Thomas G. Western to Benjamin Sloat, April 1845

more than other Indian, to come into the settlements
or to trade with any other than a licensed trader, this is the
law, and they must obey it, there are no two ways, and the
sooner they begin to be obedient to the law, the better it will
be for them. They must listen to good Council to the orders
and officers of the Govt. and to you in particular as their Agent.

Tell them I esteem the Delawares as a good, brave, noble
people, they are our friends, we love them as our brothers, but,
their foolish young men must not give us so much trouble to
run all over the Country and watch them, to keep them out
of the Settlements. they must obey the law as we white folks

The before mentioned Sheriff informed me that one
Samuel C. Crookes was apprehended and lodged in jail
for the theft of the Caddo Horses, but, broke and has
absconded, it is thought he is lurking about in your frontier
this I mention for your government.

I shall write to you here of the Post office
at Dr Sealys [?] headwaters of Little Brazos, send there for your
letters, or name to me some other Post office more convient to
you, so that direct communication may be had.

Keep me informed of every omen transpiring
on your frontier.


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Thomas G. Western to Benjamin Sloat, April 2, 1845. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 2, #177, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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