Native American Relations in Texas

Thomas G. Western to L. Williams, April 29, 1845

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Thomas G. Western to L. Williams, April 1845

necessity of your presence and strict personal
attention at the Trading House, for this
reason and for the further reason that
Capt. Sloat May induce some of the
Comanches to come in and trade as well
as for many others good and cogent reasons
you will upon no consideration what ever
absent yourself for a single day from your
post, which is Post No. 2 at Torreys Trading
House, to which Post you are now detailed as
Govt Indian Agent until further orders --

You will report to me in writing upon
the receipt of this and monthly or oftener
should occasion may require. You will
incure no expense or account on account
of the Govt. without the orders or the
sanction of the head of this Bureau, this is
with a view the most rigid economy.

You will as soon as practible send
some person over to Milam to bring up the horses
which were stolen from the Caddos, and deliver
them to their rightful owners, they are in
possession of the Sheriff of Milam County,
Mr. Flanagan, enclosed you will find one order for this.

A General Council of all the
Tribes of Indians will be held at
Tehuacana Creek -- Post and Trading
House No 2 on the full of the moon
of the 15th of September next of which you
will take due notice and apprise all
parties concerned, arrangements have
been made to make suitable presents

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Thomas G. Western to L. Williams, April 29, 1845. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 2, #193, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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