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Journal of Alfred Walke, April and May 1843At 10.30 A.M. Filled away, Made Sail & stood for Sisal[,] the Brig
Wharton being in Company.

  April 29th 1843

  At 2 P.M. Shortened sail and Hove too [sic] off the Harbour of Sisal
when a Boat from shore came off to us & told us the Enemies [sic]
Squadron was off Campeche. At 5 P.M. Filled away and shortened sail
to Topsails and Jib & run off standing for Campeche going 10 1⁄2 Knots
an hour until 10.30 P.M. when we Hauled out the Reef Tac-
kles & backed Main Top Sail. At 5 A.M. hoisted the Top Sails
& wore ship to the N & E & stood on until 11 A.M. when hove ship.
At 12 M. Tacked ship and hove too [sic]. Brig Wharton in Company.

Lat by Obst 20O26’ N.

  April 30th 1843 The First Action

  P.M. Getting ready to attack the Enemy expecting to [engage] them at
Campeche. At 5.30 P.M. Beat to Quarters & got every thing ready
for Action. Standing in for Campechy [sic]. At 7.05 P.M. Came to
Anchor in 3 Fathoms water off Campeche.

  At 4 A.M. Called all hands and piped the Hammocks up[.] At 4.30 Called
all hands up Anchor to stand off until the Sea breeze set in. At 4.45
as the day broke the Enemy hove in Sight Consisting of the Steamers Montezu
ma 7 Guns & Guadaloupe 4 Guns Brigs Yucateco 12 Guns and Iman 7 Guns
Schnr Eagle 7 Guns & Campechano 3 Guns. We were then standing for
the Land on the Starbd Tack[,] the Brig Wharton in Company, with the
wind about E.S.E. At 6.35 Hove the Main Top Sail to the Mast to let the
Brig come up with us. At 6.40 Filled away. At 6.50 Tacked Ship & stood
for the Enemy trying to get the weather Gage of them[.] At 6.55 made signal
77[.] At 7.05 Hoisted the Texas Ensign at the Peak & Mizen the Broad Pennant at
the Main & the English & American Ensigns at the Fore. When the Crews of
both vessels gave three cheers. Made signal 76. At 7.10 the Montezuma ap-
peared to be aground. Set the Fore Sail[.] At 7.15 the Schns. Sisaleno & Independen-
cia & Five Gun Boats from Campeche hove in sight standing for us. At this

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Journal of Midshipman Alfred Walke. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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