The Texas NavyJournal of Alfred Walke, April 16-27, 1843 - Page 2

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Journal of Alfred Walke, April 1843100 Lashes with the Cats & told he would have it inflicted
on the Next Day at meridian.

              The Charges were Mutiny, Murder or an Attempt to Mur-
der & Desertion

Lat at Mer 26O44’12” N

  April 22nd 1843

  Fine breezes & the Ship going along finely the Brig and in
Company & every 4 hours during the Night fired a Gun as
a Signal for her should she be in hearing. At 11 A.M. Called
all hands to witness Punishment when the sentence of the Court Mar-
tial was executed on Wm Barrington.

Lat by Obs at Merid 25O36’20” N.

  P.M.                            April 23rd 1843

  This day pleasant weather Ship jogging merrily along for Telchae
Exercised the Crew at General Quarters.

Lat at Meridian 26O26’45” N.

  P.M.                            April 24th 1843

              Exercising our men. Ship going slowly along. Brig not
in company.

Lat at Merid 25O35’ N

  P.M.                            April 25th 1843

              This day Beating for Telchae[.] At 11.30 A.M. called all hands
to witness sentence of court martial in case of Schr San Antonio
when the Articles of War were read & the charges & Specifications
of charges also read against Edward Keenan who was Guilty of
the 3rd charge & Punished immediately with 100 Lashes with the Cats &
released and Antonio Landois (marine) Wm Simpson (Corpl Marines)
Isaac Allen & James Hudgans (Seamen) who were found
Guilty of all the charges and sentenced to be Hung at the
Fore Yard Arm & given until meridian next day to prepare

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Journal of Midshipman Alfred Walke. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 401-1129. 

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