The Texas NavyJournal of Alfred Walke, April 16-27, 1843 - Page 3

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Journal of Alfred Walke, April 1843

to die when the Crew was piped down & the Prisoners were received
on the Quarter Deck abaft No 9 Gun.

  P.M.                            April 26th 1843

              Still Beating for Telchae. At 11.30 Laid the Fore Top Sail to
the mast & Hoisted the Colours. At 11.45 Called all hands to execute
sentence of Court Martial when they were addressed by Comdre
Moore on the Subject of Mutiny. At 12 the prisoners were carried
Forward & placed upon the Scaffold[.] After addressing the Crew
the Ropes were placed around their necks. Until this time
they appeared to believe they would be pardoned & did not evince
much fear but now the truth flashed upon them & they knew
they had to pay the Penalty of their crimes & commenced pray-
ing eagerly & piteously for Pardon[.] At 12.20 the Signal Gun
was Fired & the four Prisoners run up to the Fore Yard.

Lat at Meridian 23O31’03” N

  April 27th 1843

              At 1.30 P.M. Lowered the Prisoners down & gave them to the mas-
ter [?] to prepare for burial. At 1.40 Filled Away. At 2.30 Laid the
Main Top Sail to the Mast & Called all hands to bury the Dead and
after Reading the Funeral Service over them their Earthly re-
mains were committed to the Deep. Filled away & stood on
our Course until 12 P.M. when we hove too [sic]. At 10.30 A.M. filled away
& made sail. Brig not in Company.

Lat by Obst 22O09’22’ N.

  April 28th 1843.

  P.M. Got every thing ready for an engagement[.] At 645 Hove too [sic]. At
4.30 made Telchae. Enemys [sic] Steamer Montezuma not there as expected[.]
At 11.50 Filled away & stood off & on. At Day light the Wharton in sight[.]
At 4.15 Laid Mizen [sic] Top Sail to the mast for her to come up with us.

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Journal of Midshipman Alfred Walke. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 401-1129.

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