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George Fisher to Sam Houston, April 1842Mexican Ports, force the trade into the interior of Mexico,
by which the Revenue arising from the said port will
not only support a Garrizon [sic] of about 2000 men [and] with
it dependencies and the Mouth of the Rio Grande, and
Braso Santiago—Point Isabell—Guadalupe etc.
but even yield a surplus for the operations of our
invading forces. By taking Matamoras we will
get under our Submission all the villages of the
Rio Grande viz. Caucarzo, Reynosa, Meir, Guerren
Rio Grande, Laredo etc. etc. Also possession of
the Salines between the Nueces & Rio Grande. I
am anxious to get to Matamoras to resuscitate the
Mercurio de Matamoras, not with its old
Motto “Concordia Parva Crescunt;
Discordia, Maxima[e] dilabuntur”
[Latin: Through unity the small thing grows, through disunity the largest thing crumbles]
but with “Surgo ut prosim” [Latin: I rise to serve.]
of the utility of the measure I leave Statesmen to

              Please excuse the imperfections of these
lines, as I have already stated the circumstances
under which I am penning [?] them, and accept  

The respectful regards
Of your Most Obt Servt  

Geo. Fisher

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George Fisher to Sam Houston, April 22, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2400, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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