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The Brazoria

The schooner Brazoria was a small vessel commanded by William J. Russell. During the battle of Velasco, the Brazoria carried soldiers and cannons to support the militia troops commanded by John Austin. The cannons had been removed from the Ariel, the first steamboat in Texas, which had been wrecked and was rotting in the San Jacinto River.

On June 26, 1832, Russell began a bombardment of the Mexican position at Velasco. Three days later, the Mexican garrison ran out of ammunition, and Russell and William H. Wharton received the surrender of their fort.


Militia journal, 1832Brazoria  June 22nd 1832

  Capt. John Austin, Commanding the
attachment of militia, from Brazoria, left
this day at 1 Oclock p.m. for the mouth of the
Brazos River, with the ____ [?] of 100 men,
about sixty were dispatched by land, and
Forty By water, on Board the Schoonr [sic] Brazoria,
with Two Canonades [sic] one ______ , [?] one swivel
and Two Blunder Busses & a small supply of
amunition [sic] for the same; marched by land
near W.H. Wharton's Landing, there encamped
during the night. The Schooner passed that
point about one oclock the same night and
arrived at Hawk Camp, about 8 oclock
on the morning of the 23rd where the detachment
by land came up, the next morning about ten
oclock and proceeded from
there to Mr. A. Calvets Labour of Land about
Two miles above the mouth of the Brazos
where the[y] encamped during the Remainder of that
day and the following night[.] [A] guard and scouting
party were out, and went near the fort and
were fired upon from the fort by the canon and 15/20
muskets, But no damage was done. Remained in
the same camp during the night of 24th and the day of the
25th making preparations
for Storming the fort. Made three portable Barocades [sic] of
Two Inch pine plank about 4 ft high and about 20 [?]
feet long, which are to be taken by hand within
40 yds of the fort where they will be placed for
the purpose of defending our Rifle men whilst
they ____ [?] of thier [sic] artillery men and when
that shall be accomplished the main force shall
Rush forward and make a breach in the wall

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Militia journal , June 22-27, 1832. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #132, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


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