The Texas NavyDistrict Court Decree on the Prize Ship Correo de Tabasco, September 23, 1837

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Court ruling on the prize ship Correo, 1837The Republic of Texas, County of Harrisburg
District Court for the Republic aforesaid, exercis-
ing Admiralty powers, September 23rd 1837.

The Republic aforesaid
               vs                                                At this day came Augus-
The Mexican Vessel Correo 1st                tus Lomkins Esqr on

behalf of the Republic aforesaid and presented his
petition in favour of said Republic against the
aforesaid Mexican vessel Correo 1st where in she is
charged with being a Mexican vessel as aforesaid, that
she was captured on the coast of Mexico by a Texian
Man of War some time in the course of last summer
that she, with her cargo, is a Lawful Prise [sic] to the
Republic aforesaid, and prays that she be tried and
condemned as such, being at this time in custody in
Galveston Bay. Where upon the said Court after a full
and thorough examination of all the evidence and
proofs touching the charges and allegations aforesaid
against the aforesaid vessel and cargo, does here by
order and decree that the said vessel with her cargo,
rigging and furniture, be and that they are a lawful
prise [sic] to the Republic aforesaid and doth hereby con-
demn her, her cargo etc. as such, and order the same
to be sold at public auction by the proper prise [sic]
agent upon giving thirty days previous
notice of said sale in the Telegraph published at
the Town of Houston. And it is further ordered that the
said agent who shall sell as aforesaid the said vessel,
cargo etc. shall do the same for cash and shall imme-
diately deposite [sic] the proceeds of said sale in the Treas-
ury of the Republic.

  Shelby  Corzine [?] District Judge

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District Court Decree on the Prize Ship Correo de Tabasco, September 23, 1837. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 401-1309.

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