Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

James Collinsworth and Peter Grayson to David G. Burnet,
July 15, 1836

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James Collinsworth and Peter Grayson to David Burnet, July 1836


civil & political, and that nothing conclusive could be done
until that commissioner was heard from.

            We have had two inter-
views with Mr Forsythe, Since the departure of the President,
[note: U.S. Secretary of State John Forsyth]
and find him but little disposed to be communicative, in
any thing, but he has conversed with us in regard to the
objects of our mission, and has stated that he knew the
annexation of Texas, to the U. States, was a favourite measure
of Genl Jackson[‘]s, whenever it could be done with propriety.
He informs us, that he has forwarded to General Jackson,
at the Hermitage, the Terms, so far as disclosed by us,
forwarded on our instructions, upon which an incorporation
of Texas, with the United States, would be acceptable to
the former[,] and that he could do nothing upon the Subject
until the opinions & actions of the President are had thereon.

            Under these circumstances, it will be
useless to remain during the Summer.

            One of us[,] P.W Grayson[,]
will therefore return in a short time to Louisville (Ky) and
the other to Nashville Tennessee, where they will both hold
themselves ready, to receive any instructions, or obey any com-
mands of their Government.

            Should it be desired that we
should longer represent our Government here, it will be
necessary to make out new commissions & forward them to
the last named places, as those we have, have been deemed
inadmissible in consequence of having no seal.

            It will be seen
by reference to our constitution, that in the absence of a
Seal of State, the President is allowed to use his private seal.
There is a further omission, in the address to the Secretary
of state, & the President, even of the country it is from. He [Forsyth] knows
the difficulty of recollecting all these things without forms[.]
[W]e merely name them to prevent the possibility of their being

Very Respectfully yr Servts
J. Collinsworth
P.W. Grayson


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James Collinsworth and Peter Grayson to David G. Burnet, July 15, 1836. Executive Records Books, Texas Secretary of State, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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