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David G. Burnet to Mirabeau Lamar, August 7, 1855

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David Burnet to Mirabeau Lamar, August 1855


Home Aug 7 1855  

l M.B. Lamar

Dear Sir

            I wrote some time ago to Genl
Sherman enquiring if the contemplated
re-publication of Coleman’s pamphlet and other
matters had been abandoned--to which he
replied assuredly not—and stated some
progress he had made in raising the needful

            Since then I have written out three
articles[.] One as an Introduction and a
portrait of Houston’s character etc.—15 pages[.]
One a review in brief of the latest
Life of Sam Houston illustrated 8 pp[.]
One on the Cherokee land bill 8 to 9 pp[.]

            Are you preparing anything for
the intended publication? If so, let me
know something about it, that there may
be no conflict on subject or unprofitable
repetitions[.] You must get up some thing[.]
I cannot at this moment think of a subject
to suggest to you[.] Think of some thing
that will excite your scribbling humors
and overcome your laziness[.]

            This is election day and I am about
to repair to the congregation of sovereigns[.]

            Present me to Mrs L[.]

Yours truly
David G. Burnet

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David G. Burnet to Mirabeau Lamar, August 7, 1855. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #2495, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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