Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

David G. Burnet to James Collinsworth and Peter Grayson,
July 8, 1836

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David Burnet to Collinsworth and Grayson, July 1836


Executive Department
Velasco 8th July 1836

To Mssrs
Collinsworth &


            I had the pleasure to address you
on the 20th ultimo. Since then nothing of very material
importance has transpired. We are moving on smoothly.
The people are turning out with great unanimity, and
I am almost afraid we shall have more men in the
field than the occasion will require. Of our ability to
repel any attack the enemy may make upon us, there is
no doubt. We have appointed the late Secretary of War,
the Honl M.B. Lamar, to the command of the Army. He
acquired a deserved popularity in camp and I believe
his appointment will meet with general satisfaction.
The Army is encamped in the vicinity of Victoria and is
daily accumulating. A free and bold spirit pervades
the Country and, I doubt not the event of another campai-
gn, should the enemy have the temerity to undertake one,
will be more glorious than that which terminated in the
battle of San Jacinto.

            Genl Austin arrived here a few days ago.
He visited the President Santa Anna at Columbia and ano-
ther effort towards the adjustment of our difficulties with
Mexico was suggested by the distinguished Prisoner.
He proposes to procure the friendly mediations of the Germans[,]
not of the United States, between Texas and Mexico, and has
addressed a letter to President Jackson, a certified copy
of which I inclose [sic] to you, in furtherance of this object.
The original of this letter was transmitted to President Jacks-
on, by Genl Austin some days ago, inclosed [sic] to Genl Gaines.

              As peace on honorable terms ought always to be desirable
to a Christian people, you will do all in your power to
facilitate and give prompt effect to the endeavor of the
captive President of Mexico, to terminate the war on the

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David G. Burnet to James Collinsworth and Peter Grayson, July 8, 1836. Executive Records Books, Texas Secretary of State, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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