Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

David G. Burnet to James Collinsworth and Peter Grayson,
July 8, 1836

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David Burnet to Collinsworth and Grayson, July 1836


basis of an unqualified recognition of the Independence
of Texas. Should your present powers be considered ina-
dequate to your effectual action in this matter, you
are hereby invested with free authority to present, to the
Government of the United States, the solicitations of this
Government, concurrent with those of the Mexican
President, for the amicable mediation of that high
power to procure an adjustment of the difficulties
existing between Mexico and Texas, on the cardinal
principle above stated.

            I also send you copy of a communication
which the President, Santa Anna, has addressed to Genl
Urrea, the present Commander in Chief of the Mexican
forces, intended to operate in Texas. The effect that
this letter will produce on the mind and movements
of the belligerent Chief is, of course, problematical,
but it certainly imports an earnest desire of the
President to terminate the War. I have sent this letter
to General Lamar, and submitted the management of
it in some measure to his discretion. He will probably
communicate with Genl Urrea and we shall soon
learn the result of this branch of the experiment.

              I, sometime ago, addressed a letter to Gene-
ral Gaines, of the United States Army, on the subject of
the Indians of our frontier, and suggested to him the
possibility of a combination of the several tribes west
of the Mississippi, in which event some bands, within
the limits of Texas would unquestionably unite with
their more northern kindred. And I assured Genl
Gaines that should he consider it expedient and likely
to secure peace, among those Tribes, to establish his
head quarters at Nacogdoches, such a measure
would be perfectly satisfactory to this Government.

            We entertain a hope that by this time the
Government of the United States, has favored us

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David G. Burnet to James Collinsworth and Peter Grayson, July 8, 1836. Executive Records Books, Texas Secretary of State, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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