Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Company A, First Regiment of Artillery to Sam Houston,
June 11, 1837

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Company A to Sam Houston, June 1837


Galveston June 11th 1837


            The following statements may tend in
some manner to enlighten you as to the causes of,
what the officers stile [sic] in us mutiny, and at the same time
to lessen in your opinion the heinousness of our offences, the
causes that tended to produce those effects, which you think
so unnatural and infatuated, are detailed below.

First[:] the appointment of officers to this post, totally unfit
for any other purpose but to tyranise [sic] and goad men on
to meeting. Second[:] the domineering maner [sic] of these officers
in their communications to the men. Third[:] they have
applied epithets to us wholly unbecoming them, and most
aggravating to us, who came not here to serve as Soldiers
in the employ of a despot, but to struggle as we supposed
in the glorious cause of Liberty. Fourth[:] They have issued
unlawfull [sic] orders such as no other Government  would
have issued but which we know did not eminate [sic] from
Government[.] Fifth[:] Confineing [sic] a part of those who refused
to comply with them so as to intimidate the rest. Sixth[:]
Threatening the men with a dishonorable discharge if they
should comnit [sic] any offence: so much that the men actually
believed government had instructed them to try and get
rid of us. Seventh[:] Appointing men to command us who
for their misdemeanors have been driven from All
honourable Posts in the army of Texas*. Eight[:] the Inhum
ane treatment of the Prisoners confined for disobeying
an unlawful order. Nineth[:] [sic] Openly avowing that because
the other company had stood out for their rights, we all
would be discharged dishonourably[.] Tenth[:] Putting in Irons one of
the men for merely presenting a bill for work done
for an officer. Eleventh[:] Bringing charges against the
men and trying to punish them by these charges, when
the evidence proved them totaly [sic] false. Twelvth[:] [sic] The
destitute situation of the men in regard to clothing
Thirteenth[:] The underhanded means that have been
takin [sic] to have dismissed from this post the most active,
efficient and disciplined Officers we have had. Fourteenth
Taking away from us many privileges not detrimental to
our duty, and which have been granted by all former

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Company A, First Regiment of Artillery to Sam Houston, June 11, 1837. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #1179, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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