Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

James W. Parker to Sam Houston, June 6, 1837

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James Parker to Sam Houston, June 1837


[Transcriber’s note:  To facilitate readability, the customary [sic] has not been inserted following this writer’s numerous spelling errors.]

Washington County Parkers Mill June 6th 1837  
To His Excellency Sam Houston

I have no doubt that your Excellency acted
in good faith to the Government in denying
the request I made to fercilitate my vews [views] in
releasing the prisoners tho I have the great
mortification to inform your Excellency that
the retarding [?] of my veiws evenchuated in
the cruel Barborous death of my Deir [dear]
Deughter or at least the best information
goes to say it is hir.

There was two wemon that was tied down
and by there brutal treatment Sunk under
there cruelty. If this is thought vulgar for
your Excellency to read it must still be
more painful for to state by the pen of
a parent.

[C]alling me a fool and a mad man was
intierly an unnecessary wast of time and
paper, but the denying of any means to
fercilitate the release of the prisoners, (my family) I really
thaught hord [hard] of.

Perhaps Some of those fols and fabricated collumnies [calumnies]
that has been raisd by the Enemies of Texas against
me heir [here] reachd your Excellency tho my high
opinion of your Excellency high and Chiverlous
bering [bearing] in life forbids me Supoising that such
things could fasten on your Excellencys mind
so as to produce tardiness.

But your Excellency I will make this
Statement[.] I have now been continually engaged
for nier [near] thirteen months in the cause of Texas viz
trying to release the prisoners, with out fee or
reward[.] I have rode down Eleven horses[.] I have

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James W. Parker to Sam Houston, June 6, 1837. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #1159, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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