Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

James W. Parker to Sam Houston, June 6, 1837

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James Parker to Sam Houston, June 1837


expended of a large amout of money to
accomplish it and I now invite an investigation
of my conduct public and private. [B]ut now
remark there is no man that will try to
Substanchuate any thing against me. If the
plans that I sugested to you[r] Excellency last
winter had went into operation, they would
have been crownd with complete Success, which
I have Since provd to my Satisfaction[.]

The Leachey [?] Indians is rasing corn nier [near]
the three forks of Trinity[.]

The Tyracana, [?] Ionies. Wako [Waco], Toweash, Kioweays [Kiowas],
and Several others is now in the vacinety of
coffees trading house making preporations for
hostilities[.] Them is the Indians I wish to
cut off before they march against Texas
but if it is done it must be done Soon[.]

The [C]adoes has nierly [nearly] all gone to the Comanches
and about twenty days ago the whole Comanche
nation was west of Trinity or my traders left
them there, and also the Indians told my
traders that there was five thousand Mexicans
had come up the riodolnorte [Rio del Norte] and had passd
north of the mountains & were there betwen
____ [?] and colerado. I did not See neither
the Indians nor Mexicans, but my information
was Such it confirmd itself in my mind[.] I
was in that country fourty three days[.]
[M]y traders perchasd Mrs Crewford and three
children[.] I left them at Coffees[.]

Coffee and his men is now and has been vending
to the Indians powder lead and Guns. Your Excellencys
confidence in Coffees Chivalry was ill founded[.]
If I was authrized, I [am] confident that I could
raise a Sufficient number of volunteirs to
conquer them Indians nier [near] Coffees, but if it

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James W. Parker to Sam Houston, June 6, 1837. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #1159, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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