Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Sam Houston Proclamation, July 18, 1831

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Sam Houston denounces his enemies, 1831


A Proclamation

Whereas I have recently seen a publication originating
in the Cherokee nation, east of the Mississippi, dated
“18th May 1831,” and signed “”JS” which said publica-
tion or letter, has been republished in several news papers
such as the Kentucky Reporter, United State Telegraph
etc. and as I perceive it will find a general cir-
culation, notwithstanding the absurd personalities which
it contains; and as it is not the first which has found
its way into the public prints, containing ridiculous and
unfounded abuse of me—Now know all men by these pre-
sents that I, Sam Houston, “late Governor of the state of Ten-
nessee” do hereby declare to all scoundrels whomsoever, that
they are authorized to accuse, defame, calumniate, traduce,
slander, or vilify and libel me, to any extent in personal
or private abuse. And I do further proclaim to whomsoever
it may concern that they  are hereby permitted and authorized
to write, indite, [sic] print, publish and circulate the same, and
that I will in nowise hold them responsible to me in law, nor
honor for either the use of this “raw material” or the fabrication
of any or all, of the above named articles, connected with the
American System, nor will I have recourse to nullification
in any case whatsoever, where a conviction would secure
to the culprit the dignity of a penitentiary residence. And
as some ingenuity has already been displayed in the ex-
hibition of specimens, and others may be induced to invest
a small capital in the business from feelings of emulation
and an itching after experiment: be it known for the especial
encouragement of all scoundrels hereafter, as well as those who
have already been engaged, that I do solemnly propose  on the
first day of April next, to give to the author of the most el-

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Sam Houston Proclamation, July 18, 1831. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #68, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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