Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 17, 1836

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Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 1836


diers on the march; and if they should advance to the Colora-
do, it will be some time, as there is such scanty subsis-
tence for animals. I have had the impression that the
advance upon the Cibolo was to prevent our coopera-
tion with Col. Fannin and hold us in check. --

If you can by any means soothe the people
and get them to remain, they should have notice if I deem
it necessary. Let them entertain no fears for the present.
We can raise three thousand men in Texas and fifteen
hundred can defeat all that Santa Anna can
send to the Colorado. We would then fight on our own
ground and the enemy would lose all confidence,
from our annoyance. Let the men from the East
of the Trinity rush to us! Let all the disposable force
of Texas fly to arms! If the U. States intended to aid
us let them do it now.

I shall raise a company of spies to-
morrow, to range the country from this to Gonzales.
Send all the good horses you can get for the army.
Let it be done speedily if possible, and send ammun-
ition for 1500 men, but first send 800 men.
I will do everything in my power for Texas.

I have the honor, &c.
(signed,) Sam Houston
Comr in Chief of the Army.

Hon. J. Collinsworth
Chairman Committee.

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Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 17, 1836. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #285c, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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